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Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Vibe and prejudice

President Biden is on track for the strongest stock market performance during a new president's first 100 days since John F. Kennedy in 1961. / CNN

John Harris: Biden’s address to Congress was the most ambitious ideological statement made by any Democratic president in decades. / Politico

Rammesh Ponnuru: Biden realistically won’t achieve much comparable to Obama in his first two years (because Republicans). / The National Review

A tough case is befuddling the Supreme Court: does the First Amendment permit schools to sanction students for off-campus speech? / Vox

About 60% of congressional Republicans that hold seats vacated by fellow Republicans are more conservative than their predecessor. / FiveThirtyEight

One hundred US colleges will require vaccinations to attend in-person classes this fall. / The New York Times

Related: The argument to pay people to get vaccinated, and the argument against. / Slate, Journal of Medical Ethics

Nineteenth-century England’s anti-vaccine movement feared the smallpox vaccine would turn people into cows. / The Public Domain Review

A comic about how to cope with numbness from an editor responsible for updating Covid statistics. / NPR

Illustrations that make us want to travel, by Liam Cobb. / Liam Cobb

A sticker campaign highlights the history of slavery in New York City. / Guernica

Big tech made “bonkers” dollars off the pandemic. "The dictionary doesn't have enough superlatives to describe what's happening." / The New York Times

How to characterize the true subtext of social media? Kyle Chayka suggests “vibes,” or, "moments of audiovisual eloquence." / The New Yorker

A reporter explains what it’s like to share a phone number with a roller rink: “Now that it’s been more than 10 years, I kind of have a script.” / Boston Magazine

A long oral history of boutique hotels, from mainstream acceptance to the Ace chain, to the industry earthquake that is Airbnb. / Skift

See also: A brief introduction to the 2×2 matrix, aka the four-quadrant display. / Quartz

An essay from a woman accusing Philip Roth’s biographer Blake Bailey of grooming and raping her—which would appear to be a pattern of sorts. / Slate

Photographer Michelle Groskopf visits James Turrell's volcano-in-progress "Roden Crater" in Arizona. / Smithsonian Magazine

How many artists overshadow their band after going solo? "The real takeaway is and always has been Beyoncé." / The Pudding