Fiji's "unprecedented" progress in relocating people threatened by climate change previews challenges to come. / The Guardian

While the climate crisis reduces avian populations, an Indigenous-led effort is underway to ensure tribes don't lose access to feathers they need for ceremonies. / Atmos

Four dams on the California-Oregon border are being removed to save endangered salmon. / The Guardian

For your weekly wanderlust, a new dispatch from McKenzie Barney and her partner's cycling journey from Cairo to Cape Town. / The Morning News

The White House says Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed shouldn't be held responsible for his part in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. / Axios

Hundreds of employees decline to be part of Elon Musk's "extremely hardcore" Twitter. / The Verge

A former Twitter engineer: Everything will compound until, eventually, it's not usable. / MIT Technology Review

Max Read: How much longer can this version of Twitter last? Probably until Musk decides to declare bankruptcy. / Read Max

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Meanwhile, post Swifties vs. Ticketmaster/Live Nation, a coalition of anti-monopoly groups suggests the end is near. / Dirt, Popular Information

Scrabble's dictionary updates to allow for yeehaw, vibing, slushee, and hygge. / Town & Country

A little spoiler-y review of the closed captions in The Wonder. / Letterboxed

Key changes in music are employed much less frequently—if at all—in number-one hit songs. What happened? Rap and computers. / Tedium