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Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Vogue state

Russia indicates it's ready to talk about a prisoner swap, a day after it convicts Brittney Griner of drug smuggling. / CNN

What we know on day 163 of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. / The Guardian

Europe's Baltic ferries may not seem like the most pressing concern, "yet they represent what a liberal international order seeks to protect." / The Interpreter

A 16-year-old Ukrainian recalls three months in Russian captivity. / The Kyiv Independent

Sonny Bunch: Appearing in Vogue was a smart move by the Zelenskys. / The Washington Post

Claire Suddath outlines a hierarchy of precariousness—from "drag" to "deadly"—as life in the US becomes worse for women. / Bloomberg

Therapists feel compelled to talk about the pregnant children they see as abortion rights disappear. / The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health emergency as cases top 6,600. / STAT

Coffee shops struggle as people stay at home to work (and drink coffee). Wineries struggle with "smoke taint" from fires. / Reuters, Maisonneuve

The Transportation Department proposes to require airlines to offer passengers refunds if their flights are changed significantly. / The Associated Press

A California bike shop launched a reparations program for Black cyclists. A Fox News guest on the East Coast got it shut down. / Outside

Tad Friend profiles a new king of modern-day door-to-door salespeople. "You can sell these people anything." / The New Yorker

A pirate researcher compares today's ocean thieves with previous generations. / Hakai Magazine

See also: Celebrating 3,000 years of nautical cartography and ocean-related ephemera. / Colossal

Podcast guests are paying big money to appear on popular shows. (Meanwhile, a Talmudic-minded take on digital addictions.) / Bloomberg, Sources Journal

Your weekly (hardcore) classical moment: ELISION performs Richard Barrett's "world-line." / TMN