Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Wait, what?

Kim Jong-un invites the President to chat about North Korea’s nuclear program. In a “breathtaking” gamble, Trump spontaneously agrees to meet by May.

The analysis is only just getting started: where did this come from and what does it mean? Is Trump walking into a trap? And here’s seven more ways to think about the talks.

North Korea and South Korea march separately at the Paralympics because of flag problems.

The Democratic Party recently went on the warpath against a progressive challenger in a Texas primary. It didn't work.

When New York sends people to Los Angeles, they’re not sending their best.

Video: Los Angeles is known generally for smog, but its precise arrival date is actually known: July 8th, 1943.

Cleanup of a coal ash spill meant trucking it to a poorer community. The EPA says no civil rights were infringed.

Regulations on hemp cultivation might disappear. Small farmers of the plant aren't sure that's a good thing.

Japanese farms are starting to be guarded by "super monster wolves"—robots that howl at approaching wild boar.

In the oncoming age of robotics, not even bricklayers are safe.

A biographer bemoans his “thoroughly reprehensible” genre.

If the Tournament of Books proves anything, it's that internet comments sections aren't just for haters.

Fresh out of a five-year relationship, crushing helps a writer move on.