Headlines edition

Friday headlines: “Waiter, there’s some soup in my bong.”

A federal district court judge blocks another Trump administration effort to undermine Obamacare.

The FDA head calls for the release of what could be millions of unpublished reports of injuries caused by medical devices.

“The immigration system is at breaking point.” The number of new arrivals at the US southern border is expected to reach 100,000 in March.

As part of its installation of sharia law, Brunei will impose death by stoning for adultery and gay sex, and amputations for theft.

After backlash over the Christchurch mosque attack, Facebook will ban white supremacist content, yet still allow Holocaust deniers.

HUD files charges against Facebook for violating the Fair Housing Act with ad targeting that discriminates based on residence.

Responding to a critic's likening of their mushroom bullion to bongwater, the French Laundry served soup in a bong.

Having sold most of its entertainment assets, Fox's future depends on Fox News, the biggest, most profitable cable news channel.

Nearly a third of working Americans have dipped into their retirement funds, and none are more guilty of it than Gen X.

Garfield phones have washed up on a Brittany beach for decades. Now we know why: a shipping container stuck in an undersea cave.

Inside the r/childfree subreddit, people who don't want children find respite from a pro-reproduction world.