A grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump, making him the first president in United States history to face criminal charges. / CNN

Trump anticipates the media attention may help him win support and sympathy. / Politico

Only eight percent of government employees are under the age of 30. / The Washington Post

Rand Paul says TikTok's data collection policies are indistinguishable from that of American tech companies. / Quartz

What happens when artificial intelligence takes over customer service: "a milkshake recipe and a rude poem." / Twitter

Italy blocks ChatGPT for illegally collecting users' personal information. / The Verge

See also: An uproar in Italy after an article claims an American invented spaghetti carbonara. / BBC News

A visualization of the United States based on locals and tourists, derived from naturalists' data. / Logan Williams

"Our visual culture is flatlining and the only cure is creativity." Examples of everything looking the same. / Alex Murrell

For April Fool's Day, Tinder says it will remove all photos of men holding fish. / Paper Magazine

The first documented prank call dates to 1876. Today, thanks to Caller ID and smartphones, they're practically dead. / VICE

A tour for your weekly wanderlust: a virtual visit to the Global Seed Vault. / Virtual Tour Company

NBA. teams are averaging 114.6 points per game, the highest mark in more than 50 years. / The New Yorker

It's the championship match in the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes. Will the winning author claim a live rooster? / The Tournament of Books

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