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The United States unemployment rate is at its lowest level in more than 50 years. / CBS News

Lackluster earnings reports from Amazon and Alphabet suggest Big Tech's golden age is fading. / The Washington Post

Another way to look at it: "It's fair to say Big Tech hit bottom and is now ascending." / Big Technology

Nearly 1,000 migrant children separated at the border by the Trump administration have yet to be reunited with their parents. / Reuters

Jamelle Bouie: The institution of American policing lies outside any meaningful democratic control. / The New York Times

Looking back at the week's return of Covid politics in Washington. / Wake Up to Politics

The Pentagon is tracking a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon over Montana. / CNN

See also: What it's like to ride with meteorologists on a hurricane-reconnaissance jet. / The Los Angeles Times

In post-Roe California, even with its legal protections for abortion, surging demand makes appointments difficult to get. / STAT

Italy's top court rules that children are under no obligation to see their grandparents if they do not wish to. / The Guardian

A new set of etiquette rules for "how to text, tip, ghost, host, and generally exist in polite society today." / The Cut

Gillian Anderson is collecting sexual fantasies from anonymous women for a book. (Here's how to submit yours. / Mashable,

"Watch Me Forever" is a machine-generated TV channel that broadcasts nothing but AI-generated episodes of a pseudo-Seinfeld. / Twitch