Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Web of lies.

In the raid on Mar-a-Lago, the FBI was searching for classified documents, including some concerning nuclear weapons. / The Washington Post

With an estimated 95% of Americans over 16 having some level of Covid immunity, the CDC relaxes its guidelines on quarantining, social distancing, and school testing. / Associated Press

Johnson & Johnson will change its talc baby powder to a cornstarch-based product next year—but reiterates its claims the talc formula is safe. / BBC

See also: From 2018, "Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder." / Reuters

Researchers in Finland say the Arctic is warming four times faster than the global average—not two to three times, as previously thought. / The New York Times

Prisoners at a Russian penal colony were offered amnesty if they agreed to fight in Ukraine. / Associated Press

Among the ways to end the abusive practice of cash bail in America: Arrest less and summon more. / Knowable Magazine

See also: An August 1977 Amazing Spider-Man comic inspired a New Mexico judge to create the first prisoner ankle monitor. / Gizmodo

From Caustic Cover Critic: comics "reliably attributed to" Patricia Highsmith, who worked as a comic book writer in the 1940s. / Google Drive

"If we're all destined to live in a future where cat food and human food are the same thing, I figured I might as well get a jump on the trend." Choire Sicha eats at the Fancy Feast restaurant. / Grub Street

Machine learning in science is riddled with errors—which is especially bad considering AI's tendency to grab headlines. / WIRED

"It's so much more complex than being down to one chemical." Beyond stating serotonin levels alone don't cause depression, a new paper acknowledges that no one knows the cause. / The New Republic

Though data is sparse, people with Locked-in syndrome often report being happy and fulfilled—the difference is often down to caregivers. / Undark

"It's a rare retail store—the only one, so far as I can tell—to appear on a US driver's license." How the Bass Pro Shops pyramid became a Memphis icon. / Outside

Photos from the annual Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest in Key West. / The New York Times

"The music is loud as fuck and we do turn up the bass a bit more." On deaf raves. / The Guardian