Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: We’ve got a throuple!

A hundred new coronavirus cases are reported in South Korea, bringing the country’s total to 204. According to a Chinese expert, patients who think they’re fully recovered may still be infectious.

Last week, intelligence officials warned House lawmakers that Russia is meddling to re-elect Trump.

Which explains why a Trump superfan is the new director of national intelligence, despite having “no experience in intelligence or in managing large organizations.”

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Political ads are flooding streaming services like Hulu—in part because, since 2016, the US government has made virtually no progress “on bringing more transparency to paid political speech.”

One man watched 185 Mike Bloomberg ads to figure out “what this weird, expensive, suddenly ubiquitous campaign is trying to do.”

See also: “This presidential race is a New York hate-throuple of white, 70-something males.”

Your weekly white paper: A large-scale survey of journalists (and their tweets) finds no bias against conservatives or liberals in the news they cover.

American universities have a foreign money problem—and it would be foolish to expect Republicans to be sympathetic.

Tax records show that US Soccer spends much more on men’s coaches than women’s.

Watch: Some architectural models can cost up to $100,000.

Home ownership is falling in part because it's not the path to riches some governments claim, or even good for society.

Airport retail sales increased 20% in 2019 from just five years earlier thanks to more travelers and better store design.

See also: The first person to reach the North and South Poles and Mt. Everest on foot can’t find his way to Logan Airport.

In Lottie Davies's latest photos, a fictional journey stretches from the south-west of England to the far north of Scotland.

Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes is the short documentary that resulted from Jon Ronson visiting Kubrick’s house shortly after the director’s death.

Before 3D glasses, people used “horizontoriums” (by placing their chin on the table) to see images in more dimension.

An oddly beguiling look at a 17th-century trunk of letters that once belonged to a pair of Dutch postmasters.

“Robophobia” refers to biased thinking about the costs and benefits of nonhuman decision-makers.

The user-built "Pinball Map" lists 25,548 pinball machines in 7,456 locations worldwide.