Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Wham bam thank you scam

Medical board disciplinary records reveal that US doctors who spread Covid misinformation faced few repercussions. / The Washington Post

"Things don't just snap back to normal." Removing CO2 from the atmosphere won't entirely undo climate change—it's vital to avoid polluting in the first place. / The Verge

UN secretary general: "The era of global boiling has arrived." / The Guardian

An explanation of ETIAS, the new application system that will be required for anyone traveling to Europe. / NPR

See also: Inside the world of travel website scams. / Vox

"This power of provocative copywriting enthralled Runner, who...turned an adolescent fascination into a career and a multi-million-dollar business." The greatest scam ever written. / The Walrus

Since its original incarnation, more than half of the Appalachian Trail has been rerouted, and no one seems entirely sure of its past iterations. / The Washington Post

The latest in rocks in art and fashion. / Dirt

A collection of Cold War-era military slides offers a trove of graphic design wonder, from the splendid to the unhinged. / Read Max

"Even from the beginning, Sinéad O'Connor had a patriarchy-sized target on her back." / Welcome to Hell World

The winner of the Tiny Awards has been announced—congratulations to Lauren Walker and Rotating Sandwiches! / Tiny Awards, Rotating Sandwiches

Test your attention span with a deep investigation into whether attention spans have declined. / Slime Mold Time Mold