Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: What your phone says about you.

Pelosi refuses to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until more information is released about how the trial will be conducted.

Christianity Today calls for Trump's removal from office, deeming the president's Ukraine actions "profoundly immoral," and encouraging evangelicals to abandon their support of Trump.

Related: The Christianity Today editorial is a big deal, but the biggest evangelical voices attacked the article—and remain steadfast in their support of Trump.

An investigation into smartphone tracking, a vast industry that knows the minute-by-minute movements of 12 million Americans. (Here are instructions for how to protect your phone.)

One potential upside of grocery delivery: eliminating urban food deserts for individuals using SNAP.

"Poll after poll reflects these concerns." A reading of the Democratic candidates' proposals for health care.

Winners and losers from last night's Democratic presidential debate.

This year, 49 journalists were murdered—a 16-year low; however, 389 were imprisoned, a 12% rise over 2018.

With e-cigarette usage among teens doubling over the past year, the legal age to use tobacco products will increase to 21 next year.

Thanks to the climate crisis, serious researchers are tackling the problem of multi-generation space travel.

Compared to their female colleagues, male scientists are more likely to call their own research “novel,” “unique,” and “excellent.”

“They put out much more art by women and minorities and in the process they made it a much better and more compelling museum.” An argument that the new MoMA—“America’s best art museum ever”—comes close to abolishing the modern canon entirely.

A live blog of Wednesday night's "Live in Front of a Studio Audience," in which Norman Lear re-presented two classic episodes from All in the Family and Good Times, with new casts.

New York photography from the collection of filmmaker Peter Fetterman, recently up for auction.

VSCO Girls, Area 51 raiders, stans, wife guys: Remembering the archetypes of 2019.

Lovely drawings of London architecture, by Andrew Cadey.