Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: When memes replaced politics.

To curtail the spread of coronavirus in China—where infections are doubling every four days—officials have ordered house-to-house searches in Wuhan, moving the sick to massive quarantine centers.

Chinese authorities appear to be trying to censor the news that the doctor who alerted the medical community about the start of coronavirus has himself died of the virus.

A decade ago, the H1N1 flu flooded US hospitals with patients. Now staff are preparing for what happens if coronavirus takes a similar path.

Correction: Yesterday's coronavirus dashboard link got screwed up. Sorry about that. You can use this one instead.

Amid budget cuts and anti-abortion legislation in the US, some OB-GYNs are using Reddit to offer medical advice.

All the results are now in for the Iowa caucuses, but it's still a virtual tie between Buttigieg and Sanders. The DNC is calling for a "recanvass."

From the era of Bushisms to Pelosi shredding Trump's speech: A 20-year history of how American politics became a sequence of memes.

A proposed executive order states federal buildings should use a classical style. Modern designs would need White House approval.

Mapping where flooding will displace Americans—and where they're likely to move—if sea levels rise by six feet by 2100.

"The likelihood of a bumblebee population surviving in any given place has declined by 30% in the course of a single human generation."

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A greenhouse abandoned more than 20 years ago, and where vegetation has taken over, photographed by Johnny Joo.

Watch: In 1989, the BBC series Tomorrow's World made some surprisingly accurate predictions about what homes would be like in 2020.

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Password of the Day sends you a daily text with the credentials to a mystery account. Figure out what it's for, and it's yours.

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"Watching a woman I’ll never meet teach me how to clean the oboe I don’t own." The gold of accidental ASMR videos.

To rescue Spartacus, Kirk Douglas hired a screenwriter blacklisted for communist ties, prompting the end of the blacklist.

Engineers can design planes that fly—but mathematically, there's no consensus for why aerodynamic life occurs.

An animated visualization of every home run hit in every major league stadium in 2019.