Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Where we shrimp go, we go all.

At current rates, the US could reach 2,000 daily coronavirus deaths within a month—the highest toll since the spring. / The Atlantic

"This is a strong recommendation." The CDC is asking people not to travel for Thanksgiving. / BuzzFeed News

Losing her mother to cancer during the pandemic, Nicole Chung considers what it means to mourn together. / Time

The number of new unemployment claims increased to 742,000 last week. / The Washington Post

A lawsuit alleges Tyson pork-processing plant supervisors set up a betting pool for how many workers would contract COVID-19. / Iowa Capital Dispatch

Georgia has completed its hand recount, and will now certify that Biden won the state. / Associated Press

"Trump...and his allies have endorsed excluding nearly one out of every 10 votes in the states that decided the election." / The Washington Post

Fact-checking yesterday's conspiracy-theory-ridden press conference from Giuliani and the Trump legal team. / CNN

Researchers develop an AI that uses narrative frameworks to differentiate between conspiracy theories and real conspiracies. / The Conversation

Watch: The case against conspiracy theories. / YouTube

What to expect in tech after Trump: better social media regulation, more privacy rules, and maybe even a climate-driven reboot. / Postlight

In northeastern Thailand, a species of shrimp walks along riverbanks, remaining out of the water for 10 minutes or more. / The New York Times

Wasp venom is used in medicines for anaphylaxis from wasp stings, but the supply chain for venom extraction is breaking down. / Undark

A photo of a single atom that's viewable with the naked eye. (It's the faint blue dot in the middle.) / Popular Mechanics

Chinese farms are applying lessons from human facial recognition to animals, with the aim of boosting agriculture. / The Washington Post

"Cancellation is inevitable." Education doesn't boost income enough to offset interest, so student loans are a problem of solvency. / Phenomenal World

Census officials say they won't have full population numbers before Trump leaves office, sinking the president's goal of removing unauthorized immigrants from state totals for apportionment. / The New York Times

Netflix is pioneering "ambient television" with Emily in Paris and other shows you can enjoy without paying attention. / The New Yorker

Related: A Google Trends comparison between "The Queen's Gambit" and "Learn Chess." / Reddit

The Record Deal Simulator calculates costs and royalties to show artists just how good—or bad—a deal they're getting. / Pitchfork

Spotify's algorithm made an obscure Pavement B-side a playlist favorite—and Stephen Malkmus realizes it's a pretty good song. / Stereogum

Jim O’Rourke talks about growing up between Ireland and the US, underground music since the ’80s, and why he’s not a musician. / Tone Glow

“This is music that is built for woolgathering and ruminating.” Autumn is shoegaze season. / VICE

On Milli Vanilli, pious critics, and “priggish controversies about authenticity.” / Today in History

In 1984, Van Halen gave an MTV contest winner the full rock-star treatment—replete with drugs, booze, and groupies. / Vulture

City views bathed in darkness, by Mårten Lange. / This Isn't Happiness

Matthew McConaughey says he's open to a Texas gubernatorial run. / The Hill