Janet Yellen begins her first day of meetings in China by criticizing the country's "unfair economic practices." / Reuters

Syracuse, NY, is about to become an economic test of whether aggressive policies—and $100 billion—can rebuild the United States' manufacturing prowess. / MIT Technology Review

The Food and Drug Administration grants full approval to a new Alzheimer's drug, which will be sold under the brand name Leqembi. / Vox

The US Federal Aviation Administration approves a prototype electric car that goes from driving to flying by launching straight up into the air. / dezeen

Related: Air travel may be one of the hardest industries to decarbonize, but green aviation remains a seductive dream. / Noema

Unrelated: A Japanese airline wants business travelers to rent their clothes and travel luggage-free. / Bloomberg

GQ faces criticism for deleting a critique of David Zaslav, the Warner Bros. Discovery chief executive. Possibly because the magazine's editor-in-chief is producing a movie at Warner? / The Hill, Variety

Drew Magary: I hope [Zaslav] is strapped to a chair and forced to watch The Flash on repeat for the rest of his pathetic little existence. / SF Gate

A Belgian startup raises $13.1 million to create wooly-mammoth burgers. / The Economist

Two-thirds of customers now have a negative view of tipping; meanwhile, tips are down nearly 10% for restaurant servers. / NPR

Some comments on this year's three major advances in Ramsey theory, the study of how to avoid creating mathematical patterns. / Quanta Magazine

Some interviews with hoarders. "It's like you throw away your dreams when you chuck things away." / The Guardian

The American Institute of Graphic Arts picks the 50 best book covers of 2022. / It's Nice That