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Friday headlines: Wish you were ear

A trio of drone incidents amplifies concerns that Russia's war may spill over into NATO countries, if unintentionally. / CNN

Russia's attacks on Ukraine's hospitals are part of "a terrible wartime tradition." / Goats and Soda

In countries friendly toward Putin, some people think he has a point, or at least that the West is being deeply hypocritical. / The New York Times

Analysis: China has one to two weeks before it loses its wiggle room. Meanwhile, America returns to Cold War containment thinking. / The Guardian, The Economist

Profile of ​​a Kharkiv bakery producing 110 loaves of bread a day for Ukrainian soldiers. / VICE

A Ukrainian photographer documents the invasion of his country. See more photos, and more, and more / TIME, The Los Angeles Times, CNN

Related: The war diary of Yevgenia Belorusets. / Isolarii

Unemployment benefit rolls in the United States are the smallest in 52 years. / Reuters

Unrelated: Coffee consumption in the US is at the highest it's been in two decades. / Sprudge

Experts say Americans need to prepare for another spike in Covid-19 cases, even if it turns out to be a minor one. / STAT

At MIT, you're no longer allowed to ask other people to wear masks. / Twitter

In five years or less, your smartphone will have a sense of smell, which means it'll be able to detect cancer and other diseases. / Vox

TropeTrainer was software taught "to sing the words of God." Then its developer died. / Input

A ride-along on Brazil's Highway 319, which runs more than 500 miles through the core of the (rapidly deforested) Amazon. / The Washington Post

Tokyo will no longer require public schoolchildren to dye their hair black. / CNN

Rosa Lyster oversees a major upset in yesterday's Tournament of Books match. / The Tournament of Books

Twenty-five years after chewing on Evander Holyfield's ear, Mike Tyson is selling ear-shaped cannabis gummies. / Uncrate