Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Work is a four-letter word.

The US unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest since 2000; however, by tweeting this morning about the jobs report ahead of its release, Trump broke federal regulations that are in place to avoid influencing markets.

After Trump allowed their tariff exemptions to expire, Canada, Mexico, and the EU hit back with counter-tariffs, and that's how you start a trade war.

Many school shooters revere Columbine—not as copycats, but hoping to inflict similar levels of public despair.

A Jersey Shore real estate sign that went missing during Hurricane Sandy washed up on a beach in France this month.

More existentially terrifying than post-abstract expressionism: a gradient of annual US temperatures since 1895.

Margaret Atwood: Climate change will result in limited resources and social unrest—and women will suffer.

“The plant’s microbiome is strongly determined by where that plant is growing. It matters whether you’re on one side of the mountains or the other. It even matters if you’re 30 miles away.” Similar to humans, plants have microbiomes, and as yet we have little to no understanding of their makeup.

Labs are replicating premium wines at a fraction of the cost, and so far sales are showing many drinkers don't care about authenticity.

A new startup wants to buy seniors' homes and let them live there for free, maintenance included.

The 2018 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge: Meet your judges and hosts, check out the summer book list, and get reading.

An apparel brand generated over $4,000 in sales by including a link to new merch in its GDPR privacy policy email.

Except for recent grads, job applicants with a stated career objective receive 20 to 67% fewer interviews.

A new amputation technique along with an advanced prosthetic offers movement so natural even fidgeting is possible.

According to a new study, American atheists are more religious than European atheists.

The average spinning class plays music at "nine times the recommended noise exposure for an eight-hour workday."

Suzanne Ciani's new album is quadraphonic, requiring a four-speaker layout once popular with 1970s audiophiles.

Popular recipes made from even more than scratch: i.e., growing your produce while rendering salt from the ocean.

Video: Infinite loops digitally animated from individual photos.