Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Working on our anger management problem.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party wins a big majority, its largest since Margaret Thatcher’s 1987 landslide.

The Scottish National Party wins 48 out of 59 seats north of the border, strengthening the possibility of another independence referendum.

A popular tradition in Britain: taking pets to the polls.

Johnson now may pursue any Brexit he likes, assuming he wins agreements in Brussels.

In the US, Trump tells Time’s person of the year Greta Thunberg to work on her anger management problem. Thunberg quickly claps back.

And in case you missed it: the Arctic may have crossed a major tipping point in carbon emissions.

The Sunrise Movement and John Kerry's "World War Zero" offer contrasting models on combatting the climate crisis.

EU member states agreed on a plan for climate neutrality by 2050, albeit without Poland.

Russia wants to undermine American democracy, influence, and power—hence the country’s popularity with Trump-adoring sects of Republicans.

Photographs from the first Chechen war that humiliated post-Soviet Russia and gave rise to Putin.

Baby Yoda is driving nearly twice as many social media interactions on news stories as any 2020 Democratic candidate.

Why aren't whales bigger? Scientists find their size is limited by the largest whales’ very efficient feeding strategies.

See also: Pictures of birds looking directly at you.

Salesforce Park, the Bay Area's new floating utopia, feels like a prayer "for a certain vision of its future."

"For masochists who really want to feel uncomfortable..." A map of the best spots to cry in public in San Francisco.

A federal judge blocks a Los Angeles law requiring businesses that want city contracts to disclose if they have ties to the NRA.

Jia Tolentino visits the plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills to understand the age of Instagram face.

Only two Shakers are still alive, the last members of the celibate sect whose population has been in decline since the Civil War.

After 42 years, Lowrider Magazine ceases publication.