Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: You better listen to the radio.

What we know about the fast-spreading variant of the Omicron variant that's already circulating in 69 countries, including the US. / Vox

New York City is set to fire 3,000 unvaccinated employees today. / The Hill

Police shot and killed at least 1,055 people in the US last year—the most since the Washington Post started tracking fatal shootings in 2015. / The Washington Post

Texas providers reported 60% fewer abortions in the first month after the state's restrictions took effect. / ABC News

White House call logs that have been delivered so far to the Jan. 6 committee contain gaps—mainly, they don't list any calls made or directly received by Trump. / Associated Press

Last week, a geomagnetic storm knocked 40 SpaceX satellites out of commission. They're expected to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. / NPR

Using human cardiac cells, scientists have built a "fish" that swims like a heart beats, research that may help development of an artificial heart. / Motherboard

"I've never really liked my personality, and other people don't like it either." A three-month experiment in changing who you are. / The Atlantic

Who bought Melania Trump's NFT collection? According to the blockchain, it was the former First Lady herself, or perhaps someone from her team. / Motherboard

Some Seattle Mazda owners found their cars' infotainment systems bricked after the local NPR station broadcast incorrectly formatted image files. / The Seattle Times

"While Jobs challenged us to think differently, he didn't have to spend multiple interviews explaining what the hell an iPhone did." Why the iPhone isn't like the metaverse. / Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At

"Facebook's $267 billion stock market collapse is the ultimate proof that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't know what he's doing." / Business Insider

Facebook's algorithm rewards a small group of incredibly toxic users—who provide more than 99% of the platform's engagement—with enormous influence. / The Atlantic

"The administration believes it was some kind of a lapse in sanity." A security guard drew eyes on two of the faceless figures in Anna Leporskaya's Three Figures painting. / Hyperallergic

Rumours is back in the charts—for its 926th week in the UK, in fact—and sold 169,000 vinyl copies in the US last year. / The Guardian

"When there's basically no other way to refer to them and it's not misleading." How to mention the Super Bowl without angering the NFL. / The Washington Post

A chart of the solar system's age—in local time. / r/dataisbeautiful

"HOUSEHOLD SERVANT: I'm worried about Rich Lady." Every episode of a television show written by Julian Fellowes. / McSweeney's