Headlines edition

Friday headlines: You talk different sometimes.

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy will face trial for corruption and influence peddling.

Eighteen percent of Poles don't accept Jewish people as Polish citizens. Twice as many feel the same about Muslims.

Japan makes it known that it, too, would like a summit with North Korea, thanks.

Video: At Tokyo’s Sushiya No Nohachi, a chef makes sushi on a single grain of rice.

Multiple companies pull advertising after Fox News's Laura Ingraham publicly mocks one of the Parkland survivors.

Here’s a schedule of vigils and marches to be held across America in honor of Stephon Clark's death-by-cop.

As the New York Times flogs Facebook, let's not forget it also tracks and sells its subscribers.

Message-platform Slack will soon let you know if you change how you communicate when you speak with people of different demographics.

A researcher uses artificial intelligence to create surrealist nude paintings.

A reporter used data analysis and a 3-D rendering program to find the best seat in Dodger Stadium.

Find the least-traveled highway in every state.

The original drummer for punk band The Offspring, on trial for malpractice as an OB/GYN, rescues a juror with CPR.

No matter what Colm Tóibín says, the flashback is here to stay (in literature).

It’s a cliché that literature builds empathy. It can help you along in that process, but only if you aggressively work against the impulse to treat literature like a mirror. The first step is to notice that you are doing that. Jessa Crispin on the lessons of Joanna Russ and what a truly liberatory literary world would look like.

Researchers say that recycled wastewater tastes better than tap water.

Video: Photographer Jon Mozo died while shooting one of the world’s deadliest waves. Thirteen years later, his daughter swims out to the wave for the first time.