Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Your reservation at Dorsia has been canceled

We'll be off for the holiday weekend—see you Tuesday!

Hospitalizations in the US are up 39% due to the new Omicron subvariant, nicknamed Eris—the Greek goddess of strife. / The Independent, The Theoi Project

The White House is offering automakers and suppliers $12 billion in grants to retrofit their plants for EV production. / Reuters

Some home insurance companies will no longer offer policies in states where climate change disasters are taking their heaviest tolls. / CNBC

See also: "Disabled people are two to four times more likely to die or sustain critical injuries during a disaster." / The New Republic

Bill McKibben on moving and climate change: "I remain glad I live where I do, not because it's protected from climate change, but...because it has high levels of social trust." / The Crucial Years

How a population boom and climate change are erasing Texas's swimming holes. / The New Yorker

An extraordinary piece of historical city-planning research: the mystery of the Bloomfield Bridge. / Tyler Vigen

The town of Coffee City, Texas, has 249 residents and 50 police officers—and collected more than $1 million in court fines last year. / KHOU

The NYPD says it will respond to complaints of large parties over Labor Day weekend by sending drones to monitor the gatherings. / Rolling Stone

"Although all millennial presidential candidates have been MAPs, most prominent millennial politicians are not." A theory of the millennial ambition psycho. / Read Max

A surprising new opponent to right to repair: The Church of Scientology wants to keep its e-meters away from unsanctioned tampering. / 404 Media

How much screen time is too much? No one really knows—and not knowing your number may be the key to happiness. / WIRED

"On the old death row, prisoners could call out moves easily through the cell bars." The inmates playing Dungeons & Dragons. / The New York Times

An astrophysicist posits that metallic spheres found on the Pacific floor—and that don't match terrestrial alloys—are from an interstellar object. / USA Today

Someone painted over the tributes and the plaque on Basquiat's old studio—one potential suspect is an artist boasting about the vandalism on his Instagram. / Hyperallergic

Recreating an ancient curry based on ingredients identified in a 2,000-year-old pestle. / Southeast Asian Archaeology

Regarding yesterday's link about the DC pharmacist, we regret getting the gender wrong, also that we didn't mention the STAT story being from 2017, sigh.