Them headlines

Friday headlines: You’re doing it wrong.

Trump says he doesn’t want war with Iran, while his senior diplomats look for ways to defuse tensions.

Iran says Trump’s approach to resuming talks is like “holding a gun at someone and asking for friendship and negotiations.”

Analysis: Any student of international relations will notice the White House falling into a familiar trap with Iran.

Newly-unredacted court papers find Michael Flynn telling investigators that people linked to Trump reached out to him to interfere in the Russia probe.

What it’s like to watch or listen to true crime stories when you’re the relative of a murder victim.

No matter what Twitter says, it is possible simultaneously to like and dislike things about the same piece of media.

A new wrinkle in the authorship controversy around Shakespeare: What if he was a woman? The case for playwright Emilia Bassano.

Because the US is so isolated from global literature, we're missing out on "a thousand really good works of fiction every year."

Macron says he's open to a “contemporary gesture” for rebuilding Notre Dame. Design proposals include a rooftop pool.

I.M. Pei dies at 102, architect of Hong Kong’s Bank of China building and Paris’s Louvre pyramid.

Americans with diplomatic problems in Austria can seek help at any one of the country's 194 McDonald’s locations.

"Sometimes when I'm stressed, I'll walk up the stairs backwards." Polar explorer Erling Kagge talks about the value of walking.

Matika Wilbur is attempting to photograph every federally recognized Native American tribe.

State legislators across the country wildly overestimate their constituents’ preferences on banning abortion.

The newly conservative Supreme Court was all teed up to gut America’s abortion rights. Then Alabama happened.

Telling students about gender bias in teacher evaluations leads to significantly higher rankings for female instructors.

CBD has become a pop-culture phenomenon. But even in the best-known case studies, it's not always an unqualified success.

"To those who lived before headphones, it might seem as though I want to exist in the world without actually being part of it. And to some extent, that’s true." Wearing headphones all day (and all night) enables you to “noise-cancel” life.

Listen: What a “waterfall” of monarch butterflies sounds like.