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Friday headlnes: The whizzed

The House of Representatives votes on the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill today. It has already lost its minimum wage provision. / CNBC, NPR

Anne Helen Petersen: The future of the middle class depends on student loan forgiveness. / Vox

Related: The inhumanity of America's minimum wage, as told by one home health aide. / The Cut

The US military, in the first military action undertaken by the Biden administration, carries out an airstrike targeting "Iran-backed militias" in Syria. / BBC News

An unidentified flying object reportedly whizzed past an American Airlines passenger flight over New Mexico. / Global News

See also: "If aliens exist, here's how we'll find them." / Nautilus

Two new studies find that a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine may offer significant protection for people who have already been infected with Covid-19. / The Hill 

Tracking today's FDA advisory panel's meeting on Johnson & Johnson's Covid vaccine. / STAT

Unrelated/related: Chill Room, a YouTube playlist of long nature videos with quiet sounds. / YouTube

Masha Gessen: Amnesty International no longer considers Alexey Navalny a prisoner of conscience, all credit to the Kremlin and its trolls. / The New Yorker

Indian Muslims are segregated by a decentralized network of police and brokers—and roommates who stereotype them as terrorists. / Article 14

A Chinese man is ordered to pay his wife more than $7,000 for the housework she performed during five years of marriage. / The Guardian

Researchers improve solar panels with capsaicin, whose extra electrons make your chilies hot and panels more efficient. / The Conversation

A pair of Massachusetts teenagers discovered four new exoplanets and published a peer-reviewed paper about them. / CNN

A microbiologist lists 10 ways to be an effective mentor (that also apply outside of science). / American Society for Microbiology 

It's a Stanley Tucci moment, so why not a review (admittedly, two years old) of everyone he's loved before? / The Morning News

From 2015, an homage to playing the same song on repeat in a bar (e.g., "The Boys Are Back in Town") until you get kicked out. / VICE