Fucked Up!

When these rockers get heavy, your spirit can soar. Hardcore via left-field sweat-pit harmonics might just be the thing that keeps you sane 'til Spring.

Herein lies hardcore rock. The flutes that open Fucked Up!'s latest album loosen up all the muscles you'll need to react swiftly to an unexpected delivery of sweaty new heroes.

Fucked Up! recently played a 12 hour show where even Moby was involved--not so punk rock. But a marathon is a marathon, whether you run it fast and with a smile, or in a chicken suit. Similarly, I have no patience for commenters calling it hardcore for hipsters, trying to diminish something great due to the perceived crowd they draw. Let the band be judged by the audience's craze and the transfer of energy between band and fan, not the associations that they keep.

Amongst Things You Do To Stay Sane, I nominate sweaty gigs and loud music, something especially effective as Fucked Up! overdrive so far into the left-field that breathing space harmonics arise, and you notice that there is beauty to be found here too. Twice Born is a big boost of a tune, an uplifting and aggressive reminder to take control and not hold back. I'll be getting my sanity boost when they roll into town soon, probably in a convoy of monster trucks with a ticker tape parade.

TMN Editor Mike Deri Smith is no gourmet, he just has an abnormally large stomach. He lives in London. More by Mike Deri Smith

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