Letters From the Editor

Goodbye Summer Intern Heather, Hello Fall Intern [Insert Name Here]

This summer has been brutally hot, plumb with hard work and big stories to watch, but luckily we had Summer Intern Heather to help us on all fronts. We’d like to take the time to thank her publicly for her hard work, and wish her the best in returning to her studies in Florida. Did you read the feature she put together? It’s really good, and that is all to her credit.

We’d also like to announce—cue trumpets—we have an opening at TMN headquarters for Fall Intern [Insert Name Here]. Students and youngish people, we are talking to you! You will have fun, learn much about editing, research, and online publishing, and also earn a headshot! Or, as Summer Intern Heather puts it (after we asked her to write up a job summary):
Working for The Morning News is an absolutely fun and enriching experience. It is actual work, though, and there will be about 10 to 15 hours of it per week.

A good TMN intern candidate is aware of current events and in tune with social trends. This will come in handy when you’re finding links for the headlines column. Knowing frequently updated blogs and a variety of online news sources will also be invaluable for this task. I suggest being open to finding info in unlikely places, and spreading out across different genres. They may ask you for story ideas, for which these same skills will come in handy.

You’ll also be doing daily copyediting, which is pretty self-explanatory, and maybe a research project or two. Not much to suggest here other than taking your time and being aware of how to access helpful, professional information. [E.g., Summer Intern Heather wrote us two magnificent reports on libel and copyright law, and we treasure them—eds.]

And that’s about it. I had a lovely time with these folks, and I’m sure you will too!
So, students, comrades, people of youth and spirit, explaining why you’d make a great candidate for Fall Intern [Insert Name Here]. We look forward to commissioning (from Anna) a line drawing of your head.

Please note: Due to a big turnout, we are no longer accepting applications. Thank you everyone!
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