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Growing Pains

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Every Friday we take a look back at the week’s headlines, centering on a theme we’ve singled out as particularly important. This week, jungle growth was obscuring New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward, while the white saviour industrial complex wanted a growth now, no matter the costs. Like a clumsy teenage boy, desired and unwanted growth spurts provoke strange reacts.

Teju Cole on the white savior industrial complex:

If we are going to interfere in the lives of others, a little due diligence is a minimum requirement.

Nathaniel Rich reports on jungle growth in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward:

The inhabited lots, about one per city block, are the exception. With their dutifully trimmed lawns, upright fences and new construction, they stand out like teeth in a jack-o-lantern. But wilderness encroaches from all sides.

Google Street View now ventures into the Amazon:

Gawker primer on what is Hunger Games and why you should care:

The rebellion was quelled, the thirteenth district completely demolished as punishment, and an annual event known as the Hunger Games instated to remind the districts of their failed uprising.

Photographs: The art of commercial fishing:

Sunrays burst through birds’ wings, fish fins reflect off of the water, and firey light sits atop a mountain in Wolf Tide

Scientists roboticize living insects, even mushrooms, for future military and toy-business applications:

Instead of starting from scratch and having to solve all those pesky movement problems that plague roboticists, some researchers have asked, why not start out with living creatures that already know how to walk and fly?

Giant rock trucked to LA to prove the city’s not a cultural backwater:

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has acquired an ambitious new director and some rich patrons, and it carefully planned the $10m logistical effort needed to move the “megalith”.

Glass interviews Times reporter to see if you should feel bad about buying an iPhone; short answer: yes:

…let me pose the argument that people have posed to me about why you should feel bad, and you can make of it what you will

Nine-year-old psyches herself up for the biggest ski jump of her life:


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