Handmade Nation

A D.I.Y. compendium of original creations supports the release of the documentary Handmade Nation, coming next year. The book includes interviews and photos of the craftiest people (and their work) from across the country.

Book Digest In our heavily industrialized civilization, we have rightly placed a great value on handmade, original one- or few-of-a-kind goods. For Handmade Nation: The Rise of D.I.Y., Art, Craft, and Design, which is the textual offshoot of a film project due for release next year, Faythe Levine criss-crossed the U.S.A., racking up 19,000 miles to interview and document dozens of artists, makers, crafters, and designers. In addition to photos of the makers, their work, their workshops, and their processes, the book includes essays by Andrew Wagner of American Craft magazine, Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft, Callie Janoff of The Church of Craft, Betsy Greer of Craftivism, and Susan Beal of Super Crafty.

A crafty compendium of original creations, this charming books offers much to admire—of both the makers and what they make. I am partial to Stephanie Syjuco’s clothing line, labeled simply “Because Sweatshops Suck.”
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