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Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby

I’ve gone through many hobbies in my short life: poetry, whittling, hot-gluing. But none can really hold my interest like internet navigation.

Dalai Lama, His Holiness of Tibet

Until early 1960, I had some interest in photography, but not since then. Of course, I still love different flowers. And occasionally I do some manual work, some repair work, of watches and small instruments.

Richard Nixon, Former President

[Bikram] Choudhury said he was asked to treat the late president, who was unable to walk because of his pain. He instructed Nixon to do yoga in a bathtub filled with hot water. After three days, Nixon was walking again, and the pain never returned, Choudhury said.

“When I asked him a few days later which leg caused him trouble, Nixon said he didn’t remember,” Choudhury said in a telephone interview in July.

Nicole Kidman, Actress

In 2005, Kidman mentioned in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she is banned from doing one of her favorite hobbies–sky diving–while shooting a movie.

Ron Reagan Jr., MSNBC Commentator

[My parents] were surprised. I think they were intrigued. Once they knew, my father called his friend, Gene Kelly, and asked him where the best school would be. From there I got a scholarship to the Joffrey School. They didn’t come often. I danced at the Met and they came to see me there.

William McInnes, Actor

What I did like to do was to write fan mail to my co-actors. At first it was a mild joke, but so seriously were these forms of correspondence taken that they soon became my main form of entertainment. They became so outrageously fawning and sycophantic that I was sure my co-workers would twig. Indeed, the letters all had the same postcode. But no, they would read these things and believe that some fan had written singing their praises.

Carl Lewis, Olympian

Olympian Carl Lewis may collect gold medals during track and field competitions, but at home he is just as likely to show off his collection of fine crystal from all over the world.

Samuel Alito, Supreme Court Justice

Mr. Bonanni recalled that Judge Alito often baby-sat for him and his brother when they were boys in Hamilton.

“Sam would come over and mind the boys if you will,” Mr. Bonanni said. “He would keep an eye on us a little homework after school, or whether we shot a basketball for a couple of hours or so, there was always something to do in the neighborhood.

Rod Stewart, Singer

In between the crooning, the blondes and heaven knows what else, it seems that Rod has been creating a wholly magnificent replica of New York's Grand Central Station, complete with 100 feet of track, buildings and figures in 1940s period dress in one of his no-doubt numerous attics.

Credit: Carsten Tolkmit


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