Human Rights School, Gossip Girl Endorsement, Joe the VP

There's nothing like Gossip Girls, High School Musical, and plumbers to get the mass riled at election time. Now: Is Joe the Plumber or Colin Powell's endorsement more valuable?

A human rights PSA delivered in a quasi High School Musical fashion is strangely compelling. There are no colorful songs about the status quo--it's a boring gray reality of in-school cops, and CCTV--but we can enjoy the same ratio of school-yard hunk to out-cast girl to feelgoodness, and it's educational!

Next thing you know the Gossip Girl cast members will suggest children have The Talk with their parents about voting for McCain (Yes--it's below). Triple-points for the Right's scorecard; they get to tick them off for the satire of the anti-Drug message, they can condemn them for brainwashing America's youth, and through the inevitable causal connections, palling around with terrorists. Possibly fictional ones. Sex terrorists, perhaps.

Is nothing sacred?! If you've cut-it-out and kept-it you should move Gossip Girl a little further to the left of South Park Republicanism on Gawker's political persuasions infographic--be sure to keep them far to the left of the staunchly conservative 24.

In these strange times even 24's fictitious President Palmer endorses Obama. His message is slightly dulled on second read as he credits himself for all the side-changing Obama-cons as he drops subtle hints of a run.
"I still, even after three seasons into 'The Unit' playing Sgt. Maj. Jonas Blaine, I'm still asked by people on the street to run."
Main Street, we can only presume. And knowing their expertise in the world of international finance system and political affairs, they'll certainly indulge my 2016 wish: Ex-fictious attorney Fred Thompson vs ex-fictious-President Palmer vs fictitious-plumber Joe, please.

Though, if a plumber did run for office, we'd be up to our necks in strangely persuasive analogies regarding refitting, unclogging the piping in Washington--to which we, in conventional style, would nod, ponder, weigh in unconvincingly, eventually agreeing with his expert analysis and handing over our money. We would only realize two months after the election that dependable, really smart politicians are essential when a country needs saving. Not cowboys...or cowgirls.

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