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TMN Weekender

Imaginary Heroes

When a masked gunman stood up in a crowded midnight screening of the latest Batman movie, threw a gas bomb, and opened fire with an assault weapon, many surviving members of the audience later reported that they had been so absorbed in the film that they didn’t realize at first that the attack was real. Which is why people go to movies in the middle of the night in the first place: to be transported into a fantasy, another world.

In this edition of the TMN Weekender, a selection of stories about the nonpareils of escapism: comic books and science fiction. Ready to read here on TMN or in an e-book you can export to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, etc.


TMN Editor Liz Entman has lived in St. Louis, New York, and Nashville. She sweats the small stuff, like hyphens and commas, and has a day job, but won’t bore you with the details. More by Liz Entman