TMN vs. Explodingdog

In This City We Shall Build Our Dreams

In This City We Shall Build Our Dreams

Today is the third installment in our series with Explodingdog. Sam is publishing a comic story here each week on TMN based on your suggestions. Leave your ideas for next week’s installment, and any questions for Sam, in the comments.

How do you make the Explodingdog art?

Most everything is drawn one of a few ways. The drawings on are drawn with a Wacom Cintiq into Adobe Photoshop.

Drawings on are often drawn with a pencil, pen, or some sort of marker and scanned into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop the drawings are edited and colored.

For live drawing events I draw with oil crayons or markers on paper.

Why did you choose this medium to make art with?

It wasn’t really a choice. I like experimenting with different tools and ideas and this is what stuck. If I am working on a project or drawing and it is not working or I want to change it, I want to throw it out and start again rather than rework the drawing. Because of that I like to use tools and materials that allow me to work quickly and make multiple versions.

Do you make any other art? With the same or different media?

I draw for myself all the time, usually with just pencil and paper.

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