Introducing Our Summer 2008 Interns

Introducing our Summer 2008 interns.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our Summer 2008 interns, who by right of even being interns in the first place are more of overachievers than we ever were. Do the old eat the young? The young eat the old? It's one or the other, and we forget. Good thing these three have their acts together and can remind us which way that goes. After graduating from U.C. Santa Cruz, Matt Robison moved to Brooklyn and briefly worked at a bookstore, a grocery store, and as an extra on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Now he works in an office building, and is grateful. On the side, he sometimes stars in short films made by his friends, and writes fiction in his room. Mike Smith lives in the sunshine of southwest England with his bike and his abnormally large stomach. He likes to write about music of European origin on his mp3 blog Nothing But Green Lights. Nozlee Samadzadeh will lie to you the first time you meet her, but never again afterward. She lives in Oklahoma, goes to school in Connecticut, and likes airports even when they’re miserable. Thanks to Twitter, she has a preternatural ability to think in 140-character increments.

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