Can't Pulp This

Introducing The Morning News Editions

Introducing The Morning News Editions

There you are, post-Black Friday competitive shopping, convalescing in St. Moritz. The doctors are pleased with your progress, though you wish you had something to transport your mind far away, out of the body cast—some kind of distraction. You eye the morphine drip, but wouldn’t you rather have something to read?

Well how about this? We’ve packaged some of our most-loved holiday-themed articles into the first in a new series of Kindle books. Introduced by Sarah Hepola, Sympathy for the Deviled Eggs plumbs the TMN attic to uncover a history of holiday writing that brings together the new and the old, the absurd and the heartbreaking.

Just wipe the blood off your Kindle/iPad/smartphone, download, and recuperate.

Available now at the Kindle Store.


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