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Jay Maynard

Jay Maynard

Name: Jay Maynard

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

How do you feel when you’re wearing the Tron costume? About the only time I felt really different was right before I walked out on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! the first time. As Jimmy was introducing me, I had about five seconds of, “Oh my god, I’m about to walk out on national television wearing nothing but spandex! Aaaah!” I grabbed hold of myself, went out there anyway, and the rest is history.

You were upset you weren’t used as the voice for your character on South Park. Do you have any upcoming animated appearances that might remedy that? No, as much as I might wish it were otherwise. I am mildly proud that my voice identifies me as being a Texan, and if they’re going to imitate it, they could at least have done that.

You’ve made strong statements against companies that threaten net neutrality. Keep an eye on Congress and the F.C.C. They’re continually trying to gut the principle of net neutrality. When something comes along that threatens it, let your Congressman know that you want the net to remain free and open to all.

Are you still single? Yes.


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