Kucinich for the Win

Barack Obama is great and all, but Dennis Kucinich is the one who represents in the House, consistently demanding answers from the Federal government.

Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is my favorite congressional representative. He's intelligent and thoughtful, he's vegan, and he doesn't seem to have ever compromised his integrity during all his years in politics. Furthermore, the answers he's always demanding from the Federal government are the same ones the rest of us want to know: What are you accomplishing? Have you actually read that bill we're voting on? From what I've seen, Rep. Kucinich is the only guy on Capitol Hill willing to call out the crooks and liars on all their bullshit, as illustrated in today's video. Though we can't all live in his district (thankfully), you can be sure he represents our national interests in the House, too. Barack Obama is great and all, but he's no Dennis Kucinich.
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