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Transcontinental Summer Reading

狼王梦 (Lang Wang Meng)

狼王梦 (Lang Wang Meng)

Recalling a favorite book from childhood is easy; trickier is remembering your younger self’s exact reaction to it. We canvassed young readers from across the globe to find out what they thought of their latest summer read. Review the rest of the series here.

Name: Emily
Age: 10
Location: Wuhan, China
Reading selection: 狼王梦 (Lang Wang Meng, which translates to something like Wolf King Dream), by 沈石溪 (Chen Shixi)

What was the book about?

It is an animal story. It is about a mother wolf and her son.

What was your favorite part?

She hopes her son can become a king among those wolves.

Why did you decide to read this book?

Because this author specializes in writing animal novels. I like all of his series. So do my classmates. And I heard some of his works have been translated into foreign languages. Now he is very famous in China.

If you could meet the author, what would you want to ask him, and why?

I hope I can meet this author, and I want to ask how he can write such interesting novels. I have read most of his novels, nearly 10 books. I like reading.

Which character in this book was most like you?

In this book, I think I like a little wolf named 媚媚 (Mei Mei).

If you were writing this book, how would you have ended it?

At last, the mother wolf and her three sons together died. So she put her hopes on her grandsons. If I wrote this book, I want to suppose she would succeed, and I don’t want to let her three sons all die. I think the youngest one should be the king wolf.


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