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Lauren Cornell

Lauren Cornell

Hometown: Manhattan

Currently residing in: Brooklyn

Occupation: Executive Director, Rhizome & Adjunct Curator, New Museum

Childhood hero: My friends have always been my heroes.

What’s your favorite Internet toy at the moment? I don’t play with toys. I’m a news addict and I look at art online everyday. Here are three things I looked at today: The Everything by Hayley Silverman; Untitled (12 Glowing Men) by Martijn Hendriks; and Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist, a game by Mark Essen. The last one counts as play, but it’s not a toy.

What’s the last inspiring movie you saw? Wild Combination by Matt Wolf.

There’s nothing better than ____ during summer. Going on a bike-riding date out to Brighton Beach.

What’s next for you? I’m working on an exhibition that will try to sketch out a new generation in art internationally. It opens Spring 2009 at the New Museum. After that, I’m going to learn how to take a proper vacation.

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