TMN vs. Explodingdog

Let’s Follow This Duck

Let’s Follow This Duck

Today is the second installment in our series with Explodingdog.

Sam is publishing a comic story here each week on TMN based on your suggestions. Leave your ideas for next week’s installment in the comments.

How did Explodingdog begin?

Explodingdog, as it is now, began as a joke. Originally at the domain I was working on an overly ambitious art site, inspired by sites like Superbad. After a few months, I realized it would take years of work to even come close to completed, so I decided to scrap the site.
At the same time I had been doing events where I would draw pictures live from audience-submitted titles. I thought it would be fun to combine the two ideas, so I started asking friends for titles, and then created the first few days of drawings.
I put them on the site with a request to email me with more titles. Then it took off, and I have not stopped since.

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