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Michael Showalter

Michael Showalter

Hometown: Princeton, NJ.

The crew from The State is getting back together for a feature-length movie. What can we expect? Partial nudity, comedy bears, impersonations of dead presidents, and reenactments of lesser-known important moments from the history of our country.

Have you made any progress on your zombie movie? We’re making progress. I am actually about to do some more work on the script. As I’m discovering now, these things take time. Luckily for me, zombies never seem to go out of style.

The Stella trio recently promoted Barack Obama at the Bowery Ballroom. What words of inspiration do you have to offer to the newest generation of voters? Well the irony is that I’m sort of apolitical. Once Thompson bowed out I felt like I was without a paddle. I loved his TV and film work so much I was really hoping to see him play the role of president. I guess my words of inspiration would be, “vote for the one you think would be the most fun to dance with at a party?” I’m bad at politics.

What kind of product do you put in your fantastic hair? Just good old fashioned accumulation of grime from not shampooing it. That and Aqua Net. I guess that’s a product. I go through roughly four cans of Aqua Net a day.


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