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Wow! I totally agree with what that no-name singer said about Liz Phair! I feel the same way! I was basically as good as Beck in the early ‘90s. Sure, I wish I’d written ‘Loser,’ but it’s not like I used distortion on my guitar or anything. And I didn’t hide behind a drum machine. And there were like two mediocre songs on there.

Anyway, I forgive Beck. I really do.

Thanks for the empowering article,
Pete in D.C.

p.s. I never listened to Odelay but I heard it was pretty good. I’m going to pick it up this weekend.

Pete: We won’t tell Laurie Lindeen you just called her ‘that no-name singer.’ And we surely won’t give her your address. Because, Pete, we don’t want you kept up at night, fearing the angry stalkers waving old Zuzu’s Petals cassettes.
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