Monday headlines: A selfie diet.

Vietnam begins easing its aggressive containment campaign after few infections and no deaths.

China says all coronavirus patients in Wuhan have now been discharged.

Another bright spot: during a pandemic, the odds of a war between major powers seem to go down, not up. Also, we’re getting closer to our robot takeout future?

An Italian artist makes illustrations of headlines, focusing on stories of good news.

President Trump is planning to pare back his appearances during the pandemic because they’re harming his reelection chances.

A list of things Trump tweeted about as the US death toll passed 50,000.

Mike Pence likes to brag about the number of coronavirus tests completed because it enables him to take credit for the passage of time itself.

The differences between the East and West Coast outbreaks boil down to communication.

Three corona quotes we found interesting over the weekend: 1) “Imagine a system that kicks in the moment you’re exposed to or become sick with the virus.” 2) “We are sacrificing the futures of our young to protect the old, and mostly the very old.” 3) “There's something very different about life in Britain in the time of the novel coronavirus: There's no Fox News here.”

Is it okay to go on a camping trip right now if the only contact you have is with a gas pump? Nope.

Lots of research shows that “Zoom fatigue” or “Zoom gloom” is taxing on the brain.

See also: “The Joys of Logging Off in the Time of Social Distancing.”

The lab that coined the phrase “global warming” says the climate crisis may be far more dangerous than a pandemic.

ICYMI: TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin embeds with government agents and doomsday experts preparing for the plagues and panics still to come.

Some ways you can fight for the planet from home and, by doing so, feel less alone.

Books by Marcus Aurelius and other Stoic writers are selling well. 

In these disorienting times, when we’re all psychologically naked anyway, nude selfies are rampant.

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