Slovakia says it will send fighter jets to Ukraine in the coming weeks, joining fellow NATO member Poland. / NPR

Vladimir Putin visits the Ukrainian port city Mariupol. / BBC News

The Federal Reserve and the central banks of Britain, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and the EU announce co-ordinated measures to "ease strains in global funding markets." / Reuters

Dozens of top executives have traded shares—"with remarkable timing"—of either competitors or other companies with close connections to their own. / ProPublica

What are the likely consequences of the big growth in sports betting in the United States? A surge of suicides linked to gamblers deep in debt. / Vox

A rogue theory ties irritable bowel syndrome to gravity. / The Atlantic 

Since the mid-90s, cases of colorectal cancer among people under 50 have increased by about 50%. / NPR

Jia Tolentino: Drugs like Ozempic may help people see that metabolism and appetite are biological facts, not moral choices. / The New Yorker

An excellent story about the entwined plights of a Phoenix sandwich shop and a homeless encampment. / The New York Times

A study of Instagram posts suggests Texas Christian University is the happiest college in the US. /

A new work by Banksy, titled "Morning is Broken," appears in southern England and is quickly demolished (by accident). / The Art Newspaper

An essay about pictures taken of parents by their children. "There is a total absence of forethought or editorializing." / Romper 

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