Headlines edition

Monday headlines: All for run

World leaders apply diplomatic pressure on Russia ahead of a series of United Nations meetings over the Ukraine crisis. / The Washington Post

Even relatively friendly countries in Eastern Europe "mistrust Russian expansionism." / The Economist

Portugal's ruling Socialist Party wins parliamentary election, returning it to power. / TIME

In the DRC, a military court sentences 51 people to death over the killing of two UN experts. / The Guardian

Your weekly white paper: Is the Mafia able to hire good accountants? Seemingly yes. / Marginal Revolution

Beijing reports its highest number of Covid-19 cases in 18 months, with the Winter Olympics set to begin this week. / BBC News

A handy chart explains why wearing a better mask makes such a huge difference for not acquiring Covid. / Twitter

Thousands gather in Ottawa to protest Covid restrictions, some carrying flags with swastikas. / The Associated Press

In response to controversy, Joe Rogan says he's sorry for "pissing people off" and will "try harder," while Spotify says it will add a "content advisory" notice to virus-related content. / CNBC

Unrelated: In honor of Jad Abumrad leaving Radiolab after 20 years, the show replays the first episode. / WNYC

Anna North: Americans have burnout on top of burnout on top of burnout. What to do about it? "Remember that goal-setting can also be about changing our relationship to time." / Vox

Shelia Heti turns 10 years of journal entries, some 500,000 words, into an alphabetized, serialized work of fiction. / The New York Times

Jodi Ettenberg: "Toxic positivity promises that gratitude is all you need. Losing my mobility taught me otherwise." / CNN

How running helped one woman build a life outside her strict religious community. / Runner's World

Tennis's Australian Open is won by Ash Barty, the first Australian to win the singles title since 1978, and Rafael Nadal, who takes over the men's all-time Grand Slam singles lead, winning his 21st. / Tennis.com, Sports Illustrated