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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Arial no more.

In the US, there have been more school shootings in the 2021-22 school year so far than at any point in the past decade. / Reuters

A 2012 Supreme Court decision that blocked patent protections for diagnostic tests is one of the reasons why Americans can't get Covid tests. / STAT

Daily US Covid deaths averaged 2,400 last week, while some days reached 3,000—just shy of the average from a year ago, before vaccines were widely available. / BuzzFeed News

What drives science misinformation? "Mistrust that is partly ideological but partly earned." / Chris Blattman

The economics of Spotify: Only about 2% of artists on the platform earn more than $1,000 a year. / The Hustle

Tyler Cowen: "New technologies, even the most beneficial ones, are eventually used either as weapons themselves or as instruments of warfare." / Bloomberg Opinion

"Enough people purchased the preservative to attempt suicide that [Amazon] began suggesting other products customers frequently bought along with it to aid in such efforts." / The New York Times

Last month, the National Archives had to retrieve multiple boxes of documents and other items that Trump improperly took with him to Mar-a-Lago. / The Washington Post

See also: Trump even managed to be weird with paper. / Intelligencer

Damien Hirst faces another plagiarism claim—this time from Joe Machine, who claims Hirst stole his cherry blossoms. / The Guardian

A journalist says goodbye to the reader who commented on every piece he wrote for 17 years. / Houston Chronicle

"My words swelled with new life." If you're feeling bad about your writing, try reformatting it in Garamond. / The New York Times

You can actually feel the cold in these photos by Ragnar Axelsson. / BuzzFeed News

"You're super dangly, you're super dangly!" AI-generated Valentine's cards. / AI Weirdness