Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Bears spared.

Asthma attacks plummeted during the pandemic, and researchers are now reconsidering the most common triggers. / The Atlantic

Crypto traders are running into a big problem in trying to sue Binance for losses during a service outage: The company has no headquarters. / The Verge

With his Wimbledon win yesterday, Novak Djokovic has tied Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for the most men's Grand Slam titles. / The Guardian, Tennis

Thanks to conservation efforts, giant pandas are no longer endangered, and will be reclassified as "vulnerable." / CNN

For artists, Peloton is, improbably enough, one of the highest-paying music streaming platforms. / Slate

"The ultrasound eventually commingled with capitalism and mainstream psychology to create the color-coded gendered consumerism that has likewise become routine in America." / Vox

With the growing shark population off Cape Cod, researchers are working on a tool to forecast when sharks will be present near beaches. / The Atlantic

Leading contemporary British artists have created artworks in miniature for a new exhibition. / Creative Boom

"Nothing bad has happened yet, but the worry is always there." Geocaching while Black. / NPR

A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 has sold at auction for $1.5 million, breaking a record set two days earlier by an original Legend of Zelda cartridge. / BBC

See also: Nintendo and Tag Heuer tease a collaboration on a Super Mario-themed watch. / The Verge

"Science fiction should never be underwritten by the institutions invested in making it science fact." Amazon Prime has a glut of bad original sci-fi. / WIRED

Watching Aliens from the aliens' point of view. / Observer

See also: "How to prepare for the robot apocalypse (if you're a robot)." / WIRED

Fans have animated the finale of the Dungeons & Dungeons cartoon series, which was canceled during its third season. / Boing Boing

"Oh, all right, but I'm not singing." An oral history of the Star Wars Holiday Special. / Literary Hub