Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Better ape than never.

Senators announced a promising new bipartisan gun law yesterday. Red-flag laws and the "boyfriend loophole" are included, but expanded background checks are not. / CNN

Several members of Patriot Front from around the US descended on Coeur d'Alene this weekend with a drawn-up plan for disrupting a Pride event. / Idaho Statesman

An investigation into Russia's attacks in Ukraine shows its military has been employing banned cluster munitions and scatterable mines. / Amnesty International

A judge has once again blocked Texas's move to investigate parents of trans children for "child abuse" for receiving gender-affirming care. / The Texas Tribune

Trump's order to replace Air Force One's traditional palette would make the aircraft too hot to fly; unless it's scrapped, the color scheme will cost billions to make it work. / POLITICO

Google places an engineer on leave over his claims the company AI chatbot was sentient. / The Washington Post

See also: Why researchers think you'll have a digital twin before the end of the decade. / BBC News

"I also have a small army of weed-eating robots, and I have Roombas for every floor of the house." James Hinton—aka the Range—on how a robotic lawnmower can change your life. / Talkhouse

Mayan astronomy—which European colonizers tried to erase and doomsayers later popularized—has become a topic for scientists interested in lost discoveries. / Science

See also: How climate change threatens archaeology. / New Lines Magazine

"People want to get the things they have to get done faster, so they can do what they want to do." The pandemic has changed our relationship with time—and punctuality. / The New York Times

In a study using "'primate-focused' versions of Spotify and Netflix," monkeys prefer audio over screen time. / The Guardian

TMN's Andrew Womack talks about David Bowie's Low for 75 minutes, possibly without taking a single breath. / Anchor

Freddie Mercury's childhood stamp collection will be going on display at Britain's Postal Museum. / The Guardian

"They knew I was somebody they could trust who was organized and could do math." Slim Moon and Dr. Portia Sabin on 30 years of Kill Rock Stars. / KEXP

Bird sculptures constructed of parts from vintage typewriters, by Jeremy Mayer. / Colossal