Two large earthquakes strike southern Turkey and Syria killing at least 2,000 people. / The Guardian

Earthquakes can't be predicted, but machine learning may soon change that. / The Economist

Europe begins its ban on Russian diesel fuel and other refined oil products. / PBS NewsHour

What is hybrid warfare? "It is about manipulation of the information space. It's about attacks on critical infrastructure." / BBC News 

Geotagged tweets in London and San Francisco find people feeling happy in parks, less happy commuting. / Bloomberg

See also: Matthew Grabelsky's paintings of animals riding subways. / Colossal

Interviews with family caregivers of people with long Covid in New York. / NPR

What the U.S. can learn from India's TikTok ban? A national split with Chinese apps was less disruptive than expected. / rest of world

"Every day my TikTok algorithm feeds me dozens of anti-aging solutions. I'm 23." / Mashable

Luxury rehabilitation centers now offer treatments for addiction to crypto trading. "They are making money off desperate people." / BBC News

A judge in Colombia says he used ChatGPT to determine a court ruling. Some cars designed by AI in the manner of famous architects. / Gizmodo, Moss and Fog

Story update: That AI-generated pseudo-Seinfeld show we linked gets banned from Twitch for transphobic stand-up jokes. / VICE

Viola Davis becomes the 18th person to achieve an EGOT. / Fortune

Beyoncé wins her 32nd Grammy, making her the most-decorated artist in the awards' history, though fans still feel the Album of the Year snub. / The Wall Street Journal, The Cut

Astronomers discover 12 new moons around Jupiter, putting the total count at a record-breaking 92. / The Associated Press