Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Blues for the red

Russia's defense ministry says it downed two drones—which it claims were Ukrainian—over Moscow. / The Guardian

According to a new study, watching a one-minute gun-safety video can influence whether children pull the trigger after finding a firearm. / The Washington Post

Why pedestrian deaths are on the rise in America: There are more cars on the roads, and more people living near those roads. / Slate

Democratic margins are increasing in most college towns—and it's happening all over the US, even in the reddest states. / POLITICO

The dollar is losing its dominance as the world's reserve currency, as other countries seek backups that don't carry Washington's foreign policy might. / Insider

See also: An explainer on why a recession hasn't happened yet. / NPR

"Where a hospital room can be a chest of endless devastations, nature is a realm of possibility." On hospital gardens. / STAT

After a decade of nearly unfettered growth, government tracking of social posts may be curtailed thanks to new laws in the US and EU. / WIRED

"Nolan's attention to detail is what the nuclear conversation deserves." A former US nuclear missile operator on Oppenheimer. / The Guardian

A history of artists using Barbie as social commentary, often to the displeasure of Mattel—and its lawyers. / Hyperallergic

Excerpts from a wonderful vintage book, Making Paper Costumes by Janet Boyes. / Boing Boing

The definitive family tree of the Tolkien legendarium. / Reddit

"The panini press is for sandwiches only." South Pole signage. / brr