Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: C’est cheese.

Citing concerns over authoritarianism and money mismanagement, the EU's executive branch recommends suspending funding to Hungary. / ABC News

Russia looks to tighten its "comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation" with China. / Associated Press

See also: "How the war in Ukraine turned Moscow into Beijing's junior partner." / Foreign Affairs

As Ukraine begins hitting more targets inside Russia, Kyiv assures the US it won't use donated weapons for the strikes. / The Washington Post

Related: US natural gas providers stand to profit by exporting to Europe, a move that would likewise raise stateside prices in the winter. / NPR

The devastation from Hurricane Fiona has left three million Puerto Ricans without power—see photos here. / BuzzFeed News, Associated Press

Floodwaters that killed thousands have started to recede in Pakistan—now the WHO warns of a "second disaster" from disease outbreaks. / Associated Press

The Ethereum upgrade known as "the merge" is now complete, promising a 99% reduction in carbon emissions. / The Guardian

"This display at our nation's most esteemed museum is, effectively, a laundering operation." How US museums obscure the acquisition origins of their antiquities. / Hyperallergic

Every year, travelers' personal data from as many as 10,000 devices is saved to a US Customs database, where it remains accessible to officials without a warrant. / The Washington Post

"Cursive will have to be taught to scholars the way Elizabethan secretary hand or paleography is today." Not learning cursive is a barrier to interpreting the past. / The Atlantic

See also: "Long before schools in this country stopped teaching cursive, most didn't teach writing at all." / The Morning News

The history of molten-cheese ballpark nachos, which aren't real nachos, but what are real nachos, anyway? / The Hustle, Saveur

"Forty people had RSVPd, but half, according to Kristian, were bots." The first—highly contentious—meeting of Park Slope's new neighborhood watch group. / Hell Gate