Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Cheese cheese me

New leaks at the Supreme Court say the five jurists opposing Roe are holding steady, despite Chief Justice Roberts trying to pull them away. / The Washington Post

NPR's Nina Totenberg says the most likely source of the original leak is a conservative clerk who's afraid of Roberts. / Twitter

Ten thoughts while reading tea leaves in the latest leaks. / Reason

Ross Douthat: Where we've ended up does not inspire confidence in whatever may come next. / The New York Times

Arielle Angel: I am nursing a fantasy in which leftists and liberals band together to suspend business as usual. / Jewish Currents

Canada is open to any Americans looking for an abortion, but "wait lists are through the roof." / Politico 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays a surprise visit to Kyiv, same for US first lady Jill Biden. / CBC, The Associated Press

The Group of Seven (G7) nations commit to ban or phase out imports of Russian oil. / Reuters

Documents from the White House suggest a looming squeeze on Covid-19 vaccines if all adults are recommended to get a second booster. / STAT

Teenagers in Texas resume in-person proms. / Texas Monthly

When is mindfulness harmful? Possibly when it makes you feel less guilty about harms you've caused. / BBC Worklife

A study finds drivers with iPhones to be more distracted and less safe than drivers with Android phones. / Jerry

Snapchat releases a pocket-sized drone to take your selfies for you. / Dezeen

A specialized search engine finds the oldest results on the internet. / Oldestsearch

Your weekly armchair travel: Vietnam's Son Doong Cave, the world's largest, only discovered in 2009, contains stalagmites that are 10 stories tall. / Moss and Fog

Unrelated: A profile of Toronto's first family of cheese. / Toronto Life