Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Eat drink and be Harry

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins a third term in Brazil after beating Jair Bolsonaro. / The Economist

The Disney resort in Shanghai shuts down and prevents guests from leaving unless they test negative for Covid. / Reuters

Thanks to the Omicron variant, Covid-19 symptoms look increasingly like those of the flu, colds, and allergies. / The Los Angeles Times

Workers break out of Apple's largest iPhone assembly factory in China after a Covid outbreak shuts down the workplace. / BBC News

A British startup wants to replace the cobalt or lithium in electric car batteries with sodium. / Newsweek

Nearly 70% of the Democratic Republic of Congo's cobalt mining is run by China. / Global Press Journal

What is the Khaleeji Ideology? A mode of "state-sponsored futurecasting" that's transforming the Persian Gulf for climate change. / e-flux

Video of a DIY drone made in Yemen from sticks and a simple motor. / Twitter

See also: Six of the best African films of 2022. / African Arguments

Our greatest living diarist is said to be composer Ned Rorem, who just turned 99. / The Honest Broker

Teenagers grapple with trying to afford tickets to see Harry Styles. Meanwhile, Gen Z women find their Joker in Pearl. / The Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly

Regarding TikTok: "The app provides an endless stream of emotional nudges, which can be hard to recognize and really impact users in the long run." / The Guardian

Headline of the week? "The Philly pole climber who caught and shotgunned 7 beers says, 'This is not my first rodeo.'" / The Philadelphia Inquirer